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Meter exists to do one thing: connect bands with their audience. As a self-proclaimed “Artist Advocate” our mission is to empower artist partners to best connect with fans so that they can continue to do what they love, and what they do best: making meaningful music.

Engage artists, fans, and community.
Empower artist success.
Facilitate artist growth.
Help bands create stronger connections with their audience.

Above all, we’re passionate about the musical pursuits of our Artists. We serve as a comprehensive partner in our Artists’ affairs, facilitating and encouraging their opera­tions and achievement.

Meter’s contribution to our artist partnerships can be categorized into three key areas:

Advocacy... for our Artist Partners, and our unique business outlook
Service... for Artist Partners and their Audience
Innovation... of process, approach, and operations for the benefit of the Meter Collective (the artists, the advo­cates, and the fans)

Three things everyone needs to know about Meter:

1. Meter exists to strengthen the connection between bands and their listeners

2. Meter is building towards implementing a new-world music industry model built on direct, barrier-free distribution of music

3. Meter is an independent collective that partners with artists in all affairs

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